Higher Education

CTO, CEO, CQO, COO, VP Analog, Director of Hardware, Chip Design Teams, Director of Mixed Signal, IT, Director Software,

Project Managers, SR Project Managers, Project Directors, Engineering to include Director Algorithm, Director Hardware, Director Software, Director Firmware, Director Systems, Director Mechanical, Director Test, Director Quality, Director Software, VP Research & Development, Clinical Trials, National Sales,

CRO/Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Invasive Medical Devices, BioMed

Tipton International Search, LLC Retained Searches

  Technology,Engineering, IT, Semiconductor, ATE

Tipton International Search, LLC: C Level Executives have been placed in the following roles: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Admissions Officer, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Vice President Operations, Vice President Nursing, Regional Career Services, Campus President, Director of Admissions, Director of Education, Director of Nursing, Director of Medical Device Sonography, Director Health Information Management, Director of Surgical, Director of IT, Director of Radiology, Director of Allied Health, Director of Medical Assisting, Director of Faculty, Dean of Education, Director of Compliance, Director of Diversity, Director of Human Resources